Screw Cap Paediatric Blood Collection Tubes (0.5-1.3ml)

Standard Cap

Here is what to expect when you buy these tubes:

  • Screw cap tubes for 0.5 – 1.3ml of blood.
  • The tubes are made with the highest quality polypropylene.
  • These long narrow tubes aid storage and “harvest”.
  • We are able to provide these tubes with a range of additives or treatments.
  • These tubes are non-pierceable, click this link for our pierceable tubes selection.
  • These are specifically designed for use in paediatric settings.
  • Colour coded for standards compliance and ease of recognition – colours available are brown, grey, mauve, orange, pink, white and yellow
  • A variety of anticoagulants are available, including:
    • Fluoride/Oxalate (ideal for blood glucose testing).
    • Fluoride/Potassium EDTA (also ideal for blood glucose testing).
    • Lithium Heparin (Plasma tests) with/without separation gel.
    • Plain fill with/without irradiation.
    • Sodium Citrate (Coagulation tests, i.e. only suitable for use with venous blood). and
    • Di Potassium EDTA (most frequently used in Haematology procedures).
    • Treated for clotted blood.
  • CE marked in accordance with (EU) 2017/746 2017.
  • This product has been tested and is fully compliant with British Standards – ISO 6710:2017 (Single-use containers for human venous blood specimen collection).
Screw Cap Paediatric Blood Collection Tubes

Code Volume ml Anticoagulant Colour Code Pierceable Material Case Qty
PAED95 0.5 Lithium Heparin Orange N Polypropylene 1000
PAED06 1.3 Lithium Heparin Orange N Polypropylene 1000
PAED20 1.3 Lithium Heparin with Separation Gel Orange N Polypropylene 1000
PAED01 0.5 Di Potassium EDTA Pink N Polypropylene 1000
PAED77 0.8 Di Potassium EDTA Pink N Polypropylene 1000
PAED02 1.3 Di Potassium EDTA Pink N Polypropylene 1000
PAED09 1.3 Treated for Clotted Blood White N Polypropylene 1000
PAED04 1.3 Fluoride/Oxalate Yellow N Polypropylene 1000
PAED76 1.3 Fluoride/Potassium EDTA Grey N Polypropylene 1000
PAED08 1.3 Plain ‘Z’ White N Polypropylene 1000
PAED19 1.3 Plain, ‘Z’, Irradiated White N Polypropylene 1000
PAED21 1.3 Separation Gel for Clotted Blood Brown/
N Polypropylene 1000
PAED30 1.3 Sodium Citrate 3.2% (9NC). Mauve N Polypropylene 100

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