Pierceable Blood Collection Tubes (0.5 to 1.3ml)

Here are some of the features of our 0.5ml – 1.3ml pierceable blood collection tubes:

  • Screw caps feature a pierceable membrane.
  • The tubes are made with the highest quality polypropylene.
  • These tubes are all pierceable, click this link for our non-pierceable tubes selection.
  • CE marked in accordance with (EU) 2017/746 2017.
  • Tested to ISO 6710:2017 (Single-use containers for human venous blood specimen collection).
  • Colour coded for standards compliance and ease of recognition – colours available are mauve, orange and pink
  • A variety of anticoagulants are available, including:
    • Lithium Heparin (Plasma tests),
    • Sodium Citrate (Coagulation tests, i.e. only suitable for use with venous blood) and
    • Di Potassium EDTA (most frequently used in Haematology procedures).

Facts relating to the carrier tube featured on this page (PTT033):

  • Carrier tubes with special ‘click fit’ feature convert the product to a standard diameter and height for use with automated sampling equipment.
  • Carrier tubes have a volume up to 5.5ml and are available in case quantities of 2000.
Pierceable Blood Collection Tubes (0.5-1.3ml)
Code Volume ml Anticoagulant Colour Code Pierceable Material Case Quantity
PAED44 0.8 Sodium Citrate 3.2% (9NC). Mauve Y Polypropylene 100
PAED71 1.3 Lithium Heparin Orange Y Polypropylene 1000
PAED82 0.5 Di Potassium EDTA Pink Y Polypropylene 1000
PAED49 0.8 Di Potassium EDTA Pink Y Polypropylene 1000
PAED43 1.3 Di Potassium EDTA Pink Y Polypropylene 1000
PTT033 5.5 Carrier Tube Polypropylene 2000

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