Swabs (Culture, Transport and Plating)

Buy through our eCommerce store a range of swabs including culture swabs, transport swabs and plating swabs.

What are swabs?

Swabs look like cotton buds but are smaller and rounded in shape. Swabs are used as a standard item in medical settings and also for clinical testing.

The swab is wiped over various sites to take discharge samples and can also be used to remove debris from wounds. Examples of swabs taken include eye swabs, skin swabs, throat swabs and vaginal swabs and also with boils and abscesses.

Swabs to buy from International Scientific Supplies

Culture Swabs

ISS provide a large choice of culture swabs, which are CE marked as per the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. These are all Gamma irradiated and have a variety of materials for the swab shaft. All tubes are round-bottomed, which provides for ease of racking. Here are our four standard culture swabs:

  • SV0015 – Plain Culture Swab with a wooden shaft
  • SV0018 – Plain Culture Swab with a viscose tip & polystyrene shaft
  • SV0085 – Culture Swab. Viscose Tip with a polypropylene shaft
  • SV0054 – Culture Swab. Polystyrene breakable shaft with a polyester tip

Visit https://www.intscientific.com/swabs-loops-spreaders/culture-swabs/ for further details, others can be made upon request.

Transport Swabs

ISS provide a large selection of Gamma irradiated swabs, which are colour coded and have a round bottom tube, which contains the transport media (within a peel pouch). The round bottom enables ease of racking of the swabs.

A choice of transport media (e.g. Amies) and other formulations are provided. The swabs are CE marked as per the Medical Directive 93/42/EEC.

The following four transport swabs are all available in quantities of 100:

  • SV0021 – Swab with Amies transport medium, with a polystyrene shaft and viscose tip
  • SV0023 – Swab with Amies charcoal transport medium, with a polystyrene shaft and viscose tip
  • SV0017T – Mini tip swab with Amies transport medium, with an aluminium shaft and cotton tip
  • SV0017TC – Mini tip swab with Amies charcoal transport medium, with an aluminium shaft and a cotton tip

Visit https://www.intscientific.com/swabs-loops-spreaders/transport-swabs/ for additional information.

Plating Swabs

Sterilised wooden stick plating swabs which have a variety of inner pack sizes. These can be used for a variety of laboratory applications. Plating swabs available are:

  • SV0026 – A single wrapped plating swab
  • SV0016 – An inner pack of five plating swabs
  • SV0024 – An inner pack of twenty five plating swabs
  • SV0014 – An inner pack of one hundred plating swabs
  • SV0051 – Orange stick wooden applicators

Visit https://www.intscientific.com/swabs-loops-spreaders/plating-swabs/ for additional information.

Buy from a Large Range of Swabs at ISS

Whatever the type of swab you need, we are confident here at International Scientific Supplies that we can help. We have listed our standard products in this group of pages, but if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for then do not hesitate to contact us.

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