Specimen Containers, Universals, Dippers and Primary Sample Tubes

View a range of containers available from International Scientific Supplies Limited. These include 30ml universal containers, urine containers, specimen containers, histology jars, water sampling bottles, blue polypropylene containers, milk sample vials, dippers and 24-hour urine containers.

A Massive Selection of Specimen Containers from ISS

Our selection is simply massive! With all of our specimen containers expect the following:

  • Aseptically produced
  • Stringent quality control and leak testing to comply with ISO 6717:2021
  • CE marked in accordance with (EU) 2017/746 2017

Specimen Containers

1)    30ml Plastic Universal Containers

A range of 30ml universal containers with leak-proof screw caps as well as conical bases:

  • Polystyrene (all white) – UNI0002 (Unlabelled), UNI0003 (Patient Label) and UNI0005 (Plain label)
  • Polypropylene (all white) – UNI055 (Unlabelled), UNI0054 (Patient Label) and UNI0053 (Plain label)
  • Polypropylene (green) – UNI0022 (Patient Label)
  • Polypropylene (blue with spoon) – UNI0039B (Patient Label)
  • Polypropylene (red with Boric Acid) – UNI0050 (Patient Label)

2)    Urine Containers for Primary Samples

A range of 5ml to 10ml urine containers, all made from Polystyrene:

  • 5ml urine container, with Boric Acid, Red Cap and Label (PAED22)
  • 8ml round bottom urine container tube with Yellow Cap – Urine Cups (PBT234)
  • 10ml urine container with White Cap – Label (PBT191) and Urine Cup Inner Bags (PBT194)
  • 10ml urine container with Red Cap (Boric Acid) – Label (PBT190) and Urine Cup Inner Bags (PBT225)
  • 10ml round bottom urine container tube with Red Cap (Boric Acid) – Urine Cups (PBT232)
  • Also, urine cups for use in conjunction with the above products (CUP049)

3)    60ml to 250ml Specimen Containers with Straight Sides

A range of specimen containers from 60ml to 250ml with a variety of caps. Ask us if you need an alternative container to the ones listed below:

  • 60ml Polypropylene specimen container with Metal Cap –SC6029 (Unlabelled), SC6032 (Plain label) and SC6031 (Patient Label)
  • 60ml Polypropylene specimen container with White Plastic Cap – SC6004 (Unlabelled), SC6007 (Plain label) and SC6006 (Patient Label)
  • 60ml Polypropylene specimen container with Yellow Plastic Cap –SC6038 (Patient Label)
  • 100ml Polypropylene specimen container with Metal Cap – SC1002 (Unlabelled), SC1003 (Plain label) and SC1006 (Patient Label)
  • 150ml Polypropylene specimen container with Metal Cap – SC1502 (Unlabelled), SC1506 (Plain label) and SC1505 (Patient Label)
  • 250ml Polypropylene specimen container with Metal Cap – SC2502 (Unlabelled), SC2506 (Plain label) and SC2503 (Patient Label)

4)    30ml to 350ml Histology Jars (Honey Pot Style)

A range of polystyrene histology jars between 30ml and 350ml in capacity with/without a label and with/without gamma irradiation:

5)    Water Sampling Bottles

Featuring a tamper-proof cap, these water sampling bottles are available in 28mm (round) or 34mm caps (square). All are Gamma irradiated and there is an option to add Sodium Thiosulphate (which inhibits Chlorine, Bromine and Ozone dissolved in water).

  • Round Bottle with 28mm Caps with Sodium Thiosulphate and Gamma Irradiated – WSB252 (330ml), WSB502 (500ml) and WSB102 (1000ml)
  • Round Bottle with 28mm Caps and Gamma Irradiated – WSB251 (330ml), WSB501 (500ml) and WSB101 (1000ml)
  • Square Bottle with 34mm Caps with Sodium Thiosulphate and Gamma Irradiated – WSB260 (330ml), WSB510 (500ml) and WSB110 (1000ml)
  • Round Bottle with 28mm Caps and Gamma Irradiated – WSB255 (330ml), WSB505 (500ml) and WSB105 (1000ml)

6)    Blue Polypropylene Containers for Food and Dairy Sampling

Specifically designed for the food and dairy industry these blue polypropylene containers are specified:

  • Blue polypropylene container with no label – SC5502 (55ml), SCS1450 (125ml) and SC2003 (180ml)
  • Blue polypropylene container with a plain label – SC5510 (55ml), SCS1449 (125ml) and SC2004 (180ml)

7)    Milk Sample Vials

Polypropylene milk sample vials (clear or blue). The 35ml vial has “do not drink” moulded into each cap. Here are the details:

  • Snap Cap Milk Vial. Tube and White Polyethylene Cap Assembled (35ml)
  • Clear Polypropylene Hinged Cap Container – MV1009 (45ml), MV1011 (60ml) and MV1013 (90ml)
  • Blue Polypropylene Hinged Cap Container – MV1010 (45ml), MV1012 (60ml) and MV1014 (90ml)

8)    Dippers

Dippers for use in the food and dairy industry, with some featuring removable handles:

  • Ionised (10kgy), single wrapped dipper – DIP4001 (40ml), DIP1251 (125ml) and DIP1801 (180ml)
  • Ionised (10kgy), single wrapped dipper with a removable handle – DIP3002 (30ml) and DIP2501 (250ml)

9)    24 Hour Urine Containers

Polyethylene jerry cans featuring integral handles and leak-resistant screw caps. With three sizes, these urine containers have the option of with or without a label:

  • 24 hour urine container without a label – UR2413 (1 litre), UR2404 (2.5 litres) and UR2405 (5 litres)
  • 24 hour urine container with a label – UR2420 (1 litre), UR2401 (2.5 litres) and UR2406 (5 litres)

Buy Specimen Containers, Universals and Primary Tubes from ISS

ISS have a large selection of specimen containers, universals, dippers and primary sample tubes for sale. We know the choice can potentially be bewildering, so do not hesitate to call us for guidance and advice on 44 (0) 1274 720070. We can also be emailed at sales@intscientific.com.

We list a large number of products here but may also be able to offer other custom solutions if needed. Do not hesitate to make contact if you need to!