International Scientific Supplies Copyright Statement

International Scientific Supplies have created this website with the hope that visitors will enjoy the content on each occasion that they visit the website.

All content used on the website is unique and specific to International Scientific Supplies Limited. We assert our intellectual property rights to this content. All visitors to our site are asked to read carefully through this Copyright Statement to ensure they fully understand the terms of use of our content.

We thank all visitors to this page and ask everybody to respect our content when enjoying the pages throughout this website.

Please read our Copyright Statement

Please read our Copyright Statement

International Scientific Supplies copyright ownership

International Scientific Supplies are the owner of, unless we state that specific content is owned by a named third party. Content includes all text as well as photos, images, audio sound and video as well as the programming code used in the creation of the website.

Especially, International Scientific Supplies asserts that content on our website is not to be used for commercial reasons. If you are a re-seller of our products, contact the Sales Department for specific information about content re-use. Use intends to mean changes too, including tweaks/enhancements/revisions to our content and is not intended to mean entire re-use only.

Personal use of International Scientific Supplies content

Please feel free to use International Scientific Supplies content for your own personal use. Such use includes printing offline, downloading content, etc. We consent to this type of use, provided that the use is for personal and not commercial reasons.

Adding a backlink to International Scientific Supplies Limited

We recognise the value of backlinks to and welcome third-party sites adding such links. We don’t want to confuse copyright infringement with backlinks. Where a backlink is added please ensure that content from our website isn’t used to create the link. Your backlink is very appreciated.

Contact information for reuse of International Scientific Supplies content

Naturally, we know that some of our content may be attractive and appealing to re-use. To seek permission to re-use contact us via the methods below:


International Scientific Supplies Limited

Unit 6 Valley Road
West Yorkshire

Or contact us via:

Please allow us at least five full working days to respond to requests for content re-use. We reserve the right to decline requests for content re-use and also may not reply in cases of obvious copyright breach. This is particularly where content supply would be harmful to the best interests of our business, e.g. supply of information to a competitor.

Contact us to discuss possible content re-use

Contact us to discuss possible content re-use

Right to take legal action

Where there is clear evidence that copyright has been breached, we reserve the right to take legal action for breach of copyright. This is as applicable in UK and international law.

We always seek to find a solution first, before legal action. Where we find our copyright has been breached, we will make content and request that copyrighted content is removed. In circumstances where content is removed quickly, we will take no further action.

We respect the fact that third party websites may actually refuse to remove our content. In such cases where we have proven the content was copyright, we reserve the right to instigate legal action.

Plagiarism of International Scientific Supplies content

If you have seen International Scientific Supplies content published “word for word” then we would greatly appreciate it if you contacted us. Naturally, sometimes this can be innocent, but we will vigorously defend our content and seek a remedy in cases where out copyright has been breached.

Copyright claims – where you believe we have breached your copyright

International Scientific Supplies provides top-quality content relating to the laboratory consumables we supply. As with many sites we undertake research and sell similar products to other websites in our industry.

Our entire website has been checked through the CopyScape plagiarism tool. As a business, we always endeavour to prevent plagiarism at the source. If you have evidence, which suggests we have plagiarised your content or infringed your copyright then please get in touch.

We will respond to any reports of copyright breaches with seriousness and urgency. We respect the copyright of third parties and take the matter incredibly seriously.


©International Scientific Supplies – Date of last update – December 2019.


Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons and Nick Youngson