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The International Scientific Supplies website is a trading eCommerce store which introduces visitors to our range of laboratory consumables. Inevitably when entering into a commercial transaction there is a requirement for personal information to be entered as well as stored in our systems. As this is the case, we are glad to inform visitors that all data on this site is stored securely and encrypted and is not directly accessible by our staff. We take data privacy very seriously and fully comply with the requirements of the EU GDPR, trust us to protect your data.

We have created this policy to document our approach to privacy in full as a matter of public record. This policy has an aim to help all visitors to feel secure and safe when sharing data which is intended as both private and confidential.

Assumption that all website visitors have read this policy

All visitors are asked to read this policy carefully before actively using the website and in particular before sharing information. As a working assumption, International Scientific Supplies assumes that visitors to the website will have both visited this policy and read as well as fully understood its content. If there any clarifications, issues or concerns about this policy, please e-mail us at

Please read our Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy

What data does International Scientific Supplies collect?

International Scientific Supplies as with the majority of websites collects data from visitor sessions. One example of data collected is your IP address. Unless masked, this gives us an idea of your general geographical location.

Whilst IP addresses are anonymous, we can use this information to identify returning visitors, improve the visitor experience and also to speed up the serving of data through the use of cookies.

International Scientific Supplies use of cookies

Most websites choose to use cookies. These are actioned each time a visitor accesses a web page. Cookies consist of small files, which are consumed by web browsers (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). Cookies are saved both by the International Scientific Supplies server as well as the device used by the user.

Cookies offer great benefit in improving the speed of processing a page, by storing components of data previously used and therefore stored in the memory of the user device.

International Scientific Supplies keeps cookie data private and confidential

International Scientific Supplies keeps cookie data private and confidential

It’s worth mentioning for clarity that there are two types of cookies used by most websites. We explain these below:

1)    Session related cookies

These cookies are only temporary and last as long as a single session visit to the International Scientific Supplies website. When a visitor leaves our website all cookie data is lost.

2)    Persistent (or permanent) cookies

These cookies are stored permanently (so persist) as a small electronic file held within the cookies of your browser. These cookies are the ones used to speed up the use of our website on second and subsequent visits.

Cookies – opting in or out

Cookies are definitely valuable for a visitor experience when visiting our website. Although invisible to the naked eye they are a valuable ally beneath the surface of every visit!

Cookies are configurable though by each visitor. If it is your preference you can configure your browser settings to disable settings. This varies from browser to browser, but it should be possible to block cookies just to our website or to all websites. Note: if you use more than one browser, then you will need to configure cookie settings for each.

Blocking cookies when visiting the International Scientific Supplies website will not create a serious issue, but it is likely to impact speed in particular.

Your data – we will not sell your information

International Scientific Supplies guarantee not to sell any information received through website visits. All data is stored securely and is encrypted until the time we remove it. When disposing of data, we will comply fully with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, 1988.

Use of third party links

Occasionally throughout the website, we will use links from third party websites. This is usually fairly minimal, but where sites are linked to, it is to enhance a visitor’s experience. We do not receive income, provide affiliate links or provide any form of endorsement for link building to third parties. International Scientific Supplies accepts responsibility for any content found on websites where third party links are visited.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

International Scientific Supplies will make changes to this Privacy Policy as and when required. This is particularly the case where a change in privacy law necessitates this. We recommend all visitors to revisit this page frequently to check for updates. We always update the last revision date at the bottom of this policy.


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