Bags – Autoclave, Homogeniser, Specimen and MiniGrip®

Autoclave Bags

The ISS range of autoclave bags are ideal for carrying hazardous waste. Made from heavy-gauge polypropylene, these autoclave bags offer high-temperature resistance (up to 145º centigrade) and carry clear hazard warnings.

Individual bags sold in the ISS range are:

  • Small – ACB001 (310mm x 662mm)
  • Medium – ACB003 (413mm x 596mm)
  • Large – ACB005 (608mm x 816mm)

Also available is Autoclave Tape Roll (ACT001), this has 50 meters of 19mm wide tape per roll.

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Homogeniser Bags

Numerous homogeniser bags are available from ISS, which are summarised below:

  • 80ml Model (152mm x 101mm) – HMB005 (Plain Bag)
  • 400ml Model (305mm x 184mm) – HMB003 (Plain Bag), HMB004 (Curved Bag), HMB007 (Twist Seal Bag) and HMB008 (Strainer Bag)
  • Also, Sampling Straw (SS0001)

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Specimen Bags

ISS provide a range of plain and biohazard specimen bags, which have a separate document pouch. Choose whether to have biohazard marking or not. Products include:

  • Plain Specimen Bags – MGB039 (140mm x 140mm), MGB028 (150mm x 140mm)
  • Biohazard Specimen Bags – MGB027 (140mm x 140mm), MGB029 (150mm x 140mm), MGB050 (250mm x 300mm) and MGB052 (150mm x 254mm)

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Minigrip® Bags

ISS also stock MINIGRIP® BAGS, these are available in numerous sizes. An additional option is to buy either plain or write on versions.

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