Plastic Mailing Tubes – Buy Directly from ISS

  • Made from tough, semi-clear plastic.
  • Designed to carry a range of primary sample bottles.
  • Absorbent material sufficient to absorb a complete spillage of the primary sample bottle.
  • Designed to fit through most standard letter boxes.
  • Ideal for use with UN3373 mailing bags as below.
Mailing Tube
Code Description Case Quantity
MAILT67 Mailing Container for Tubes up to 85mm tall (i.e. 5ml Vacuum Tubes) with Absorbent Pad & Screw Cap 1000*
MAILT68 Mailing Container for Tubes up to 108mm tall (i.e. 5,7-10ml Vacuum Tubes) with Absorbent Pad & Screw Cap 250*
MAILT02 Mailing Tube 100 x 40mm for 30ml Universal Containers with Absorbent Pad & Screw Cap 250*
MAILT03 As above with 30ml Universal included 250*
MAILT66 Mailing Tube 115 x 45mm with Absorbent Pad & Screw Cap 250*
MAILT123 Mailing Tube 79 x 45mm for ISS 60ml Container with Absorbent Pad & Screw Cap 160*

*Smaller packs available

Mailing Bags

  • Made from highly opaque co-extruded polyethylene.
  • Marked with the UN3373 diamond and the words ‘Diagnostic Substance Category B’.
  • Must be packed in accordance with packaging instruction P650. Ideal for use with mailing tubes as above.
  • Please contact us for advice if you are unsure of the regulatory requirements.
Mailing Bags
Code Description Case Quantity
BAG001 Mailing Bag Marked UN3373 Green and White 1000*
BAG009 Mailing Bag Marked UN3373 Black and White 1000*

*Smaller packs available

95 kPa Specimen Transport Bags & Boxes

  • Self-seal Specimen Transport Bags, leak tested to 95kPa
  • Boxes, labels and absorbent materials available for compliance with packaging instruction P650
  • Please contact us for advice if you are unsure of the regulatory requirements.
95kPa Specimen Transport Bags and Boxes
Code Description Case Quantity
100xBAG95A5 95kpa Specimen Transport Bag A5 With Pouch & Easy Tear 100*
ABS001 Absorbent Pad 120 x 75 mm (25mls) 100*
BOX199 Mailing Box 175 x 130 x 20mm** 100*
LAB100 UN3373 Address Label 100*

*Smaller case quantities available upon request

**Other sizes of box available to order

A Wide Selection of Mailing Boxes Always Available!

Trust ISS for all your mailing box requirements. We always have a wide selection of products available, many of which are shown above. If you have a custom need let us know and we will do our very best to help.

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