Culture Swabs

  • Wide range of culture swabs available with a choice of materials for the swab shaft.
  • CE marked as Class IIa under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.
  • Gamma irradiated.
  • Round bottomed tubes for ease of racking.
  • Please call if you require a product not shown on these pages, as this only represents a part of the available range.
Culture Swabs
Code Description Case Quantity
SV0015 Culture Swab Plain. Wooden shaft. Single in a tube. 250
SV0018 Culture Swab Plain with Viscose Tip & Polystyrene Shaft. Single in a tube. 250
SV0085 Culture Swab. Viscose Tip. Polypropylene Shaft. Single in a tube. 100
SV0054 Culture Swab. Polystyrene breakable shaft. Polyester tip. Single in a tube 250