Sample Cups

Accessories are a necessary purchase when buying a range of capillary tubes. Here you will find sealing wax and pipette holders for capillary tubes.

What are Sample Cups?

Sample cups (also sometimes called analyser cups) are generally transparent and resistant to most liquids. Used for sample collection, transport and storage, sample cups are available to fit one specific analyser but, in many cases, can be compatible with a wider range of models.

Most frequently they are made from plastics (such as polystyrene) or metals (such as stainless steel). Sample cups are disposable, economical, and indispensable in any laboratory setting. Available in a range of volume capacities, care is needed to select the right model for a particular laboratory use. Sample cups are also available with a variety of lids, closures, and graduations – care again is needed to select appropriate accessories, which are compatible with the sample cup being used.

About the ISS sample cup range

Our sample cups have the following specifications and general information:

  • Designed for use with most brands of chemical analysers, including Centrifichem®, Gemsaec®, Hitachi® and Technicon®
  • Precision moulded in crystal clear polystyrene
  • These sample cups range between 0.25ml and 4.5ml in size
  • These are supplied in case quantities of 1,000 cups
Sample Cups

A description for each of the sample cups is provided below:

Code Description Case Quantity
CUP029 0.25ml Micro Sample Cup (To Fit Centrifichem®) 1000
CUP031 0.5ml Micro Sample Cup (To Fit Gemsaec®) 1000
CUP033 0.5ml Micro Sample Cup (To Fit Hitachi®) 1000
CUP009 2ml Conical Sample Cup (To Fit Technicon®) 1000
CUP035 Sample Cup (To Fit Hitachi®) 1000
CUP024 4.5ml Conical Sample Cup (To Fit Technicon®) 1000

Sample Cups for Cobas

Buy Cobas® (from Roche) compatible sample cups directly from ISS. Here is some general information about these cups:

  • Attached Cap with vent ensures reliable fit
  • Made from high-density top-quality polyethylene
  • These are available in a wide range of colours to order. We list Natural CUP041 and Blue CUP040 Speak to us if you need other colours, such as green, yellow, pink, red, etc. and
  • These are supplied in case quantities of 1,000 sample cups
Sample Cups For Cobas
Code Description Colour Case Quantity
CUP041 Sample Cup Natural 1000
CUP040 Sample Cup Blue 1000

Caps for Sample Cups

We have various caps for sample cups available, more information is provided below:

  • Caps listed here, are suitable for use with sample cup codes CUP029CUP009CUP024 and CUP031
  • Soft upper surface for ease of piercing and
  • We list natural CUP017, blue CUP018 and red CUP020 Other colours are available to special order
Sample Cups Caps
Code Description Colour Case Quantity
CUP017 Caps for Sample Cup Natural 1000
CUP018 Caps for Sample Cup Blue 1000
CUP020 Caps for Sample Cup Red 1000

Contact us to buy sample cups and caps

We have a range of cups, including sample cups and buying the right one can be a minefield. If you need help and advice why not call us on 44 (0) 1274 720070 or send an e-mail to