Plastic Screw Cap Blood Collection Tubes with Anticoagulants (5-10ml)

Pre-Filled with Anticoagulant

Here are the qualities and features of these 5ml to 10ml tubes:

  • A range of screw-capped 5 & 10ml blood collection tubes available with or without labels.
  • All tubes are fitted with rigid screw caps for leak-free specimens.
  • Many of the tubes are available in polystyrene and polypropylene versions, click on individual products for details.
  • Available in quantities of 1,000 (2.5ml, 4ml and 5ml) and 500 (10ml).
  • All these tubes are supplied with anticoagulant, click here for tubes without anticoagulant.
  • Colour coded for ease of recognition and also for standards compliance – colours available are orange, pink and yellow
  • A variety of anticoagulant fills are available, which include:
  • Fluoride/Oxalate (particularly suited to blood glucose testing).
    • Lithium Heparin (for Plasma tests).
    • Sodium Citrate 3.2% (Coagulation tests, for use with venous blood) and
    • Di Potassium EDTA (very commonly used in Haematology procedures).
  • Available in polystyrene or clarified polypropylene.
  • CE marked in accordance with (EU) 2017/746 2017.
  • Tested to ISO 6710:2017 (Single-use containers for human venous blood specimen collection). This product is absolutely leak-proof.
Plastic Screw Cap Blood Collection Tubes with Anticoagulants

Code Volume ml Anticoagulant Colour Code Material Case Quantity
PBT064 2.5 Di Potassium EDTA Pink Polystyrene 1000
PBT065 2.5 Di Potassium EDTA Pink Polypropylene 1000
PBT068 4 Di Potassium EDTA Pink Polystyrene 1000
PBT089 4 Di Potassium EDTA Pink Polypropylene 1000
PBT088 10 Di Potassium EDTA Pink Polypropylene 500
PBT108 5 Lithium Heparin Orange Polystyrene 1000
PBT107 5 Lithium Heparin Orange Polypropylene 1000
PBT080 10 Lithium Heparin Orange Polystyrene 500
PBT110 10 Lithium Heparin Orange Polypropylene 500
PBT111 10 Lithium Heparin & Beads Orange Polypropylene 500
PBT042 2.5 Sodium Citrate 3.2% (9NC) (Dry). Purple Polystyrene 1000
PBT097 2.5 Fluoride / Oxalate Yellow Polystyrene 1000
PBT096 2.5 Fluoride / Oxalate Yellow Polypropylene 1000

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