Sharps Bin

Our sharps bin is perfect for safely disposing of storing and eventual route to incineration of a variety of sharps (sharp objects) you would expect to encounter in scientific and health settings. Buy this bin from us and keep staff and customers safe from hazardous sharp objects.

  • Please call our office for technical specification and extended range as other capacities are available.
Code Description Quantity
BIN001 4 litre Sharps Bin 1
Sharps Bin

Buy Sharps Bins at ISS

What to expect when you buy sharp bins from International Scientific Supplies:

  • Capacity – a 4 litre bin is shown here, also available are 2, 3 and 7 litre bins.
  • There is a self-activating clear inner flap, which ensures safe disposal of sharps.
  • In-mould label – this label cannot be removed and provides a permanent record of use.
  • The large fill area allows for plenty of sharps to be disposed of safely and efficiently.
  • Benefit from temporary closure as well as switching to final closure when the bin reaches its end of life.
  • The sharps bin assembles in four simple clicks.
  • The fill line is clearly visible helping you to know when it is close to being full.
  • Similarly, there is a semi-translucent Lid, which displays when contents are nearing fullness.

How to contact ISS

To contact ISS either email or call 44 (0) 1274 720070. We are happy to answer any enquiries relating to sharp bins and other products we sell.