Knittel Microscope Slides & Coverslips

Knittel Glass Microscope Slides

Features of the slides are:

  • Pre-cleaned.
  • Precision ground edges.
  • Conveniently packed in boxes of 50 slides.
  • Also available with coloured frosting.
Knittel Glass Microscope Slides

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Code Description Case Quantity
MS0036 Microscope Slide. Plain. Ground Edge. 45˚ Corner 50
MS0037 Microscope Slide. Twin Frosted. Ground Edge. 45˚ Corner 50
MS0057 Microscope Slide. White Colour Frosted. Ground Edge. 45˚ Corner 50
MS0029 Microscope Slide. Frosted. Bevelled Edge. 45˚ Corner 50

Knittel Glass Coverslips

  • Packed in plastic boxes of 100.
  • Also available in No. 1.5 and No. 2 sizes.
  • Circular coverslips are available to order.
Code Descriptions Case Quantities
MS0009 Coverslip 15 x 15mm. No. 1 1000
MS0010 Coverslip 18 x 18mm. No. 1 1000
MS0011 Coverslip 22 x 22mm. No. 1 1000
MS0012 Coverslip 21 x 26mm. No. 1 1000
MS0013 Coverslip 22 x 32mm. No. 1 1000
MS0014 Coverslip 22 x 40mm. No. 1 1000
MS0015 Coverslip 22 x 50mm. No. 1 1000
MS0016 Coverslip 24 x 60mm. No. 1 1000
MS0017 Coverslip 22 x 64mm. No. 1 1000

Economy Microscope Slides

  • Pre-cleaned.
  • Ground and polished edges.
  • Packed in boxes of 50 and cellophane wrapped.
Economy Microscope Slides
Code Description Case Qty
MS0002 Microscope Slide. Plain. Ground Edge. 45˚ Corner 50
MS0007 Microscope Slide. Twin Frosted. Ground Edge. 45˚ Corner 50

Microscope Slide Accessories

Code Descriptions Case Quantity
MS0021 Plastic Mailing Tube for 2 Microscope Slides 1
MS0045 Plastic Mailing Tube for 5 Microscope Slides 1
IMOIL Immersion Oil 1

Buy Knittel microscope slides and coverslips directly from International Scientific Supplies Limited. Made from colourless borosilicate glass (D 263), these slides are pre-cleaned and feature precision ground edges. Buy today from ISS in conveniently packaged boxes of 50.

What are Knittel Microscope Slides and Coverslips?

Knittel (Waldemar Knittel Glasbearbeitungs GmbH) was founded in 1987 by Waldemar Knittel in Braunschweig, Germany. Today the Company employs in excess of 100 people.

Operating to strict quality control procedures these ultra-thin slides have the perfect chemical composition to deliver thickness, strength and waviness.

Knittel slides are used in a variety of settings such as laboratories (e.g. Cytology and Histology) as well as in schools and in geological explorations.

Whatever Microscope Slides and Coverslips you need, buy them from ISS

As you can see from above, we have a large number of different microscope slides and coverslips on sale. You can order these directly online today through our eCommerce system in just a few clicks.

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