Sweetie Jars

Appearing like old-fashioned sweetie jars we sell these jars specifically for use in health, laboratory and scientific settings. Sweetie jars are ideal to dispose of waste such as cotton wool, swabs, wipes and other types of relatively small-sized waste. These jars are not meant to store sharp objects, with this in mind use our sharps bin instead

Features of our sweetie jars are:

  • Blow moulded, clear sweetie jars.
  • For the containment of soft and non-liquid waste prior to safe disposal.
  • It is intended that these sweetie jars are disposed of once full and not re-used
Code Description Capacity Quantity
SWE003 Small Sweetie Jar 2.5 litres 1
SWE002 Large Sweetie Jar 4.5 litres 1
Sweetie Jars

Contacting ISS

ISS can be contacted either by email sales@intscientific.com or by calling 44 (0) 1274 720070. We are happy to answer any enquiries relating to sweetie jars and other products sold by ISS.