Disposable Glass Bottles

  • Select from 7ml glass bijoux and/or 30ml glass universal bottles.
  • Feature autoclavable screw caps, which are made from polypropylene.
  • Choose either non-sterile or gamma irradiated versions.
Disposable Glass Bottles

Code Description Gamma Irradiated Case Quantity
GMT009 Glass Bijou. Unlabelled. Non-Sterile 7ml 1000
GMT011 Glass Bijou. Unlabelled. 7ml 1000
GMT012 Glass Bijou. Unlabelled, with Separate Caps 7ml 1000
GMT001 Glass Universal. Unlabelled. Non-Sterile 30ml 375
GMT003 Glass Universal. Unlabelled. 30ml 375
GMT002 Glass Universal. Labelled. Non-Sterile 30ml 375
GMT004 Glass Universal. Labelled. 30ml 375
GMT005 Glass Universal. Unlabelled, with Separate Caps 30ml 250