Capillary Tubes and Accessories

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What are Capillary Tubes?

Also called capillary tubing these tubes are extremely thin but very strong plastic or glass tubes. These tubes enable liquids (such as blood) to flow into the tubes against the natural gravity process – this is called “capillary action”. Capillary tubes are most frequently made from glass or plastic but can also be made from metal.

The ISS product range

Check specific pages for exact product details, general information is:

  • Pack quantities of up to 2,000
  • Colours available are blue, black, green, orange, red and white

Pre-Calibrated Micropipettes

Made from borosilicate glass, which helps to protect against contamination. these micropipettes are ring marked at pre-calibrated volumes (which are accurate to within +/- 0.25% cv 0.5%). The pipettes comply with ISO 7550 colour codes for easy recognition. We sell a Heparinised version. Click here for details.

General Purpose Capillaries

As with the pre-calibrated micropipettes, these capillaries are made from borosilicate glass. With dimensional control and an outstanding finish, these capillaries are suited to many applications and a variety of melting points. Click here for details.

Blood Gas Analysis Tubes and Accessories

With heavy walls and fired tops these blood gas analysis tubes are available in 3 sizes, with lengths of 75 to 125mm. These are heparinised precisely and can be controlled for size and level of the anticoagulant. Accessories such as stirrers (mixing fleas) and caps are also available. Click here for details.

Microhematocrit Tubes

Available in either plain or heparinised (>31.U.) versions, these tubes are available colour codes for safe and hygienic blood collection. A range of accessories (e.g. sealing wax plates) and types of anticoagulants are also available. Click here for details.

Sealing Wax and Pipette Holders

Buy sealing wax and pipette holders for use in conjunction with this product range. Click here for details.

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