Microtitration Trays

Here are the qualities to expect from our microtitration trays:

  • Available in:
    • Non-sterile – packs of 10 x 10 non-sterile or
    • Gamma irradiated – individually wrapped in 2’s (pack of 100)
  • Made from polystyrene.
  • Available in 3 shaped wells:
    • “U” shaped
    • “V” shaped and
    • “F” flat-shaped

Also, buy microtitration tray lids:

  • Supplied in packs of 100, these lids are available in non-sterile and Gamma irradiated versions.

Also available are WHO Trays:

  • WHO Trays – Bulk Pack of 50 and non-sterile.
  • Comprising of 80 wells.
Microtitration Trays

Code Description Case Quantity
MTT001 Microtitre Tray ‘U’ Well 100
MTT002 Microtitre Tray ‘V’ Well 100
MTT003 Microtitre Tray ‘F’ (Flat) Well 100
MTT004 Microtitre Tray ‘U’ Well, Gamma Irradiated 100
MTT005 Microtitre Tray ‘V’ Well, Gamma Irradiated 100
MTT006 Microtitre Tray ‘F’ (Flat) Well, Gamma Irradiated 100
MTT007 Lid for Microtitre Tray 100
MTT008 Lid for Microtitre Tray, Gamma Irradiated 100
WHO080 80 Well WHO Tray 50

What is Microtitration?

“This is titration using very small volumes of liquid and specialized equipment”.

Source: https://www.yourdictionary.com/microtitration

Where Titration is:

“Titration is a process of figuring out how much of a substance is in a substance with a known volume.”

Source: https://www.yourdictionary.com/titration

Buy Our Microtitration Trays Today

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