Blood Collection Tubes

International Scientific Supplies provide a large selection of tubes for collecting blood. These vary in size from 0.5ml up to 10ml and are available with screw caps, push caps & anticoagulant features.

What are Blood Collection Tubes?

Certain types of tubes come with a separating gel between the top tube and the serum tube are available. Tight seals preserve sample integrity.

Blood collection tubes are sterile plastic or glass tubes which have a vacuum inside, which facilitates the drawing of a required amount of liquid/fluid. Most commonly these tubes collect blood samples, which can be transported for analysis.

Inside the tubes may be anticoagulants, which prevent the blood from clotting after it has been drawn. All tubes have tight seals, which aid in the preservation of sample integrity.

The Range Available at ISS

Our entire range features the following qualities (click exact products for specific details):

  • Fully leak tested and complies with BS (British Standards) EN 14820.
  • All tubes are absolutely 100% leak-proof.
  • CE (Council of Europe) marked. These tubes fully comply with EU directive 98/79/EC.
  • Made from the highest quality polypropylene or polystyrene.
  • A variety of colours including brown, grey, mauve, orange, pink, white and yellow.
  • Case quantities vary but are typically up to 1000 units.

1)    0.5ml-1.3ml Screw Capped Paediatric Blood Collection tubes

This screw cap tube aids the storage and harvesting of 0.5 to 1.3ml of blood. Each tube can be provided with a selection of treatments or additives. Click here for details.

2)    0.5ml-1.3ml (Pierceable for auto-samplers)

A tube with a screw cap, which has a pierceable membrane feature.  There are also carrier tubes listed here. Click here for details.

3)    0.5ml-2.0ml, Polystyrene with Push on Cap

Moulded in crystal clear polystyrene, these push cap tubes can store and harvest 0.5 to 2.0ml of blood. Click here for details.

4)    5ml-10ml with Anticoagulants, Screw Cap

Made with polystyrene or clarified polypropylene and pre-filled with anticoagulant, these blood collection tubes store 5ml to 10ml. They are available with/without labels and are fitted with rigid screw caps. Click here for details.

5)    5ml-10ml without Anticoagulants, Screw Cap

Store 5ml or 10ml of blood in these collection tubes, which are fitted with rigid screw caps. They are available with/without labels and are available Gamma irradiated or non-sterile. Click here for details.

6)    5ml-10ml Glass Blood collection Tubes (empty)

Narrow or wide neck style tubes, which can store 5ml or 10ml of blood. The 10ml version has a special manufacturing process, which prevents clot retraction issues. Buy tubes fitted with rigid screw caps which are Gamma irradiated or non-sterile and are with/without labels. Click here for details.

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