Pre-Calibrated Micropipettes

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What are Pre-Calibrated Micropipettes?

These are micro versions of pipettes, which are designed for procedures such as micro injections and patch clamping. Our range at ISS are made from borosilicate glass but aluminosilicate and quartz versions are also available. Pre-calibration is also important for laboratories, which use micropipettes. The calibration ensures that they are working to the levels of expectation required and that they meet the extremely precise levels required by protocols.

About our range

Here are the qualities and features of these pre-calibrated micropipettes:

  • These pipettes are ring marked at a pre-calibrated volume. Volumes are accurate to +/- 0.25% cv 0.5%. Choose from 1-5µl, 5-10µl, 10µl, 20µl, 20-40µl, 20-50µl, 25µl, 40µl, 50µl, 100µl and 100-200µl
  • The pipettes are colour coded for ease of recognition (ISO 7550). Colours available are white, orange, black, red, green and blue
  • These are sold in pack quantities of 250
  • A Heparinised version is also available and
  • Made from borosilicate glass which has superior chemical properties to avoid contamination of the test medium
Pre-calibrated Micropipettes
Glass Capillary Tubes Pre-Calibrated Micropipettes

Code Volume Colour Code Na Heparinised Pack Quantity
GC0029 1-5µl White 250
GC0063 1-5µl White 250
GC0031 10µl Orange 250
GC0064 10µl Orange 250
GC0065 5-10µl Orange 250
GC0066 5-10µl Orange 250
GC0032 20µl Black 250
GC0067 20µl Black 250
GC0033 25µl White / White 250
GC0068 25µl White / White 250
GC0034 40µl Red / Red 250
GC0069 40µl Red / Red 250
GC0056 20-40µl Red / Red 250
GC0071 20-40µl Red / Red 250
GC0035 50µl Green 250
GC0058 50µl Green 250
GC0057 20-50µl Green 250
GC0073 20-50µl Green 250
GC0036 100µl Blue 250
GC0074 100µl Blue 250
GC0053 100-200µl Red 250
GC0047 100-200µl Red 250

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