Pre-Calibrated Micropipettes

About our range

  • These pipettes are ring marked at a pre-calibrated volume. Volumes are accurate to +/- 0.25% cv 0.5%. Choose from 1-5µl, 5-10µl, 10µl, 20µl, 20-40µl, 20-50µl, 25µl, 40µl, 50µl, 100µl and 100-200µl
  • The pipettes are colour coded for ease of recognition (ISO 7550). Colours available are white, orange, black, red, green and blue
  • These are sold in pack quantities of 250
  • A Heparinised version is also available and
  • Made from borosilicate glass which has superior chemical properties to avoid contamination of the test medium
Pre-calibrated Micropipettes
Glass Capillary Tubes Pre-Calibrated Micropipettes

Code Volume Colour Code Na Heparinised Pack Quantity
GC0029 1-5µl White 250
GC0063 1-5µl White 250
GC0031 10µl Orange 250
GC0064 10µl Orange 250
GC0065 5-10µl Orange 250
GC0066 5-10µl Orange 250
GC0032 20µl Black 250
GC0067 20µl Black 250
GC0033 25µl White / White 250
GC0068 25µl White / White 250
GC0034 40µl Red / Red 250
GC0069 40µl Red / Red 250
GC0056 20-40µl Red / Red 250
GC0071 20-40µl Red / Red 250
GC0035 50µl Green 250
GC0058 50µl Green 250
GC0057 20-50µl Green 250
GC0073 20-50µl Green 250
GC0036 100µl Blue 250
GC0074 100µl Blue 250
GC0053 100-200µl Red 250
GC0047 100-200µl Red 250