Petri Dishes

  • A comprehensive range of dishes designed to fit most automated plate pouring equipment. Moulded in crystal clear premium grade polystyrene.
  • Highly polished mould tool surfaces to produce blemish free product.
Petri Dishes
Code Description Case Quantity
PET005 90mm Single Vent Petri Dish (16.2mm height) 700
PET009 90mm Triple Vent Petri Dish (16.2mm height) 700
PET012 90mm Non-Vented Petri Dish (Shallow Form) 825
PET013 90mm Two Compartment Petri Dish 480
PET014 90mm Three Compartment Petri Dish 500
PET004 55mm Triple Vent Petri Dish 600
PET011 55mm Non-Vented Petri Dish 1620
PET017 Contact Plate 560
PET003 120mm Square Petri Dish 252
PET015 140mm Round Triple Vent Petri Dish 176