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Buy from 13 categories of storage test tubes and vials at ISS

Listed below are 13 categories of storage test tubes and vials. Read through each section below for an overview of the content on each page and click the link within each paragraph to read the information in more detail at specific individual product level.

1)    Plastic Rimless Test Tubes

Browse through an extensive range of precision moulded disposable plastic test tubes. Manufactured with either transparent polystyrene or tough polypropylene, these tubes are suitable for samples from 0.7ml to 30ml. Click here to view the ISS range of plastic rimless test tubes.

2)    Glass Test Tubes

ISS have a large range of disposable top-quality glass test tubes, made from borosilicate glass or soda glass. These tubes are suitable for storing samples measuring from 0.5ml right up to 20ml. All tubes are supplies in dispenser packs, are rimless, fully annealed with fire-polished tops and have smooth rounded bottoms. Click this link to view ISS’ glass test tubes range.

3)    5ml – 10ml Storage Vials With or Without Labels

A selection of storage vials with a storage capacity of between 5ml and 10ml. These are empty tubes without anticoagulant and are made from either polystyrene or polythene.

Available in case quantities of between 500 and 1,000, these vials are CE marked ref: EU Directive 98/79/EC and are fully leak-proof to ISO 6710:2017.

All vials are screw-capped for absolutely leak-proof specimen collection and are available with or without labels. Choose either Gamma irradiated or non-sterile from our 5ml – 10ml storage vials range.

4)    5ml – 10ml Storage Vials and Caps

Made from polystyrene or polythene these storage vials store between 5ml and 18ml of specimens and liquids. Choose from various cap options, including no cap, threaded vial cap, rigid screw cap (only on 18mm vials) and push top. For the 18mm rigid screw cap vials, there are a variety of colours including white, green, orange, pink, yellow, mauve, red and purple. Visit our 5ml to 10ml storage vials and caps section for further information.

5)    0.5ml – 2ml Storage Vials and Caps

Select from polypropylene assembled O ring or economy cap or choose unassembled threaded vial cap instead. Packed in case quantities of 1000, a range of colours are available for easy identification and to meet standards including blue, green, grey, mauve, pink, red, white and yellow. Visit our 0.5ml – 2ml storage vials and caps to read detailed product information.

6)    Scintillation Vials and Inserts

Choose from polypropylene or borosilicate glass scintillation vials and inserts at ISS. Our polypropylene scintillation vials feature one-piece bore seal cap and consistent wall thickness. The borosilicate glass vials feature rigid foil lined caps, which provide high reflection.

If preferred, higher quality screw-capped insert vials can also be bought. Buy spare caps in quantities of 1,000 – visit our scintillation vials and inserts page for additional information.

7)    Disposable Glass Bottles

Choose from a range of 7ml glass bijoux and/or 30ml glass universal bottles. There is a range of options including labelled/unlabelled and non-sterile or Gamma irradiated versions. Buy in case quantities of between 250 and 1,000. The autoclavable screw caps are made from high-quality polypropylene. Click on our disposable glass bottles page for detailed product information.

8)    Insert Tubes and Re-Caps for Evacuated Blood Tubes

Select from a range of nest cups, insert tubes and re-caps for vacuum blood tubes at ISS. Ezee Nest® Cups. Which are designed for insertion into evacuated blood collection tubes are available in 13mm and 16mm sizes.

Insert tubes, which are designed for insertion into evacuated blood collection tubes are available in 1.5mm and 3mm sizes. A range of caps is also available for these blood collection tubes. A lot of detail is available when you visit our insert tubes and re-caps for evacuated blood tubes page.

9)    Sample Cups

Buy sample cups from ISS, these are made from clear polystyrene and can be used with most brands of chemical analysers.

Choose from a range of micro sample cups (0.25ml to 0.5ml) for Centrifichem® and Hitachi® as well as 2ml and 4.5ml for Technicon®. Also, buy sample cups for Hitachi®. View our sample cups page for additional information.

10) Cuvettes and Cell Counting Vials

Our cuvettes are made from top-quality blemish-free polystyrene and have an applicable wavelength range from 340 to 900 nm. These cuvettes are available in two sizes, Macro (4ml) and Half-micro (1.6ml). Supplied in foam trays of 100, these cuvettes are available in case quantities of 1,000.

Our square-based counting vials are designed for use with automatic blood cell counting machines. Bulk or tray packed in quantities of 1,000 these vials are great value for money.

For further details visit our cuvettes and counting vials page.

11) Cryo Vials

Available in five sizes (1.2ml, 2.0ml, 3.0ml, 4.0ml and 5ml) these self-standing cryo vials are all graduated, and Gamma irradiated. Tested to use in temperatures of -190˚c, these vials are perfectly suited to use in the gaseous phase of liquid nitrogen or in freezers.

With a white write-on area, these vials are DNAse free, RNAse free and pyrogen-free. A seal-sealing cap guarantees leak-free use and closure. Learn more by visiting our dedicated cryo vials page.

12) Centrifuge Tubes

Choose from a range of 12ml, 15ml and 50ml centrifuge tubes when you buy from ISS. Available in either polypropylene or polystyrene, these multi-purpose tubes can be used in a variety of applications including analysis, storage and transportation.

Choose from conical or round base with screw caps, further details are available on our centrifuge tubes page.

13) Micro-Centrifuge Tubes

Choose from three micro-centrifuge tubes when you buy at ISS. Available are 0.5ml and 1.5ml versions (with a cap and no cap for the 1.5ml tube). Made from tough polypropylene these tubes will last the tests of time.

Buy Test Tubes and Vials at ISS

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