Cuvettes and Cell Counting Vials

  • 10mm light path cuvettes moulded in blemish free polystyrene giving uninterrupted light paths. Applicable wavelength range 340 to 900 nm.
  • Macro or half micro sizes available.
  • Each case is carefully packed from the same mould cavity thus ensuring a consistent wall thickness and very low variation of extinction values.
  • Robotic handling ensures scratch free surfaces.
  • Supplied in shrink wrapped rigid foam trays of 100 pieces for dust free storage and ease of transport.
  • Counting vials for use with automatic blood cell counting machines.
Cuvettes And Cell Counting Vials

Code Description Case Quantity
MT0006 Macro Cuvettes 4ml Volume 1000
MT0010 Half Micro Cuvettes 1.6ml Volume 1000
MT0004 Square Based Cell Counting Vial. Bulk Packed 1000
MT0003 Square Based Cell Counting Vial. Tray Packed 1000