Pipettes and Pipette Tips

Browse through a wide range of plastic transfer pipettes, glass transfer pipettes, serological pipettes and pipette tips at International Scientific Supplied Limited. Our range is ideal for a number of settings including laboratories, schools as well as many other settings too.

The ISS Pipettes Product Range

Plastic Transfer Pipettes

Our plastic pipettes are available in a wide range of sizes, available in non-sterile and sterile versions. Made from low-density Polyethylene, these pipettes provide strong chemical resistance and a very safe method for storing and transferring liquids.

The eight varieties of plastic transfer pipettes available through ISS are summarised below:

Click on individual products above or visit https://www.intscientific.com/pipettes-and-pipette-tips/plastic-transfer-pipettes/ for further more detailed information.

Glass Transfer Pipettes

Our glass transfer pipettes are available in plain or plugged versions. These precision-made pipettes feature smooth barrel ends as well as uniform tips.

The four glass transfer pipettes available from ISS are:

Click https://www.intscientific.com/pipettes-and-pipette-tips/glass-transfer-pipettes/ to view more detailed information.

Serological Pipettes

ISS provide a large variety of disposable serological pipettes, which range in size from 1ml to 25ml. All pipettes are Gamma irradiated and non-pyrogenic and feature colour coded wadding, which aids recognition and ease of use.

The range of serological pipettes available from ISS are:

Click https://www.intscientific.com/pipettes-and-pipette-tips/serological-pipettes/ to read more detailed information about serological pipettes available from ISS.

Pipette Tips

The ISS range of pipette tips is compatible with many leading manufacturers of pipettes, please refer to the chart below for detailed information:

ISS compatibility with pipette manufacturers

ISS compatibility with pipette manufacturers

Individual pipette tips sorted by colour are listed below (refer to the chart above for additional information):

For detailed guidance about pipette tips please visit https://www.intscientific.com/pipettes-and-pipette-tips/pipette-tips/.

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