General Purpose Capillary Tubes

If you are looking for capillary tubes, which can be used in a wide variety of settings and applications, then look no further than our general purposes capillary tubes. Buy these today in a few clicks at top value for money prices.

What are General Purpose Capillary Tubes?

These tubes enable liquids (most frequently blood) to flow into the tubes against the natural process of gravity, scientifically this is called “capillary action”. They provide precise liquid measurement as the tubes are cut to predetermined lengths, so the exact amount of fluid is easy to calculate. Most frequently these tubes are used in applications such as sample collection, testing and in transfer. Most often made from borosilicate or soda-lime glass, these strong tubes are also sometimes manufactured in plastic or metal.

Qualities of our range

Qualities to expect when you buy these tubes are:

  • Made from borosilicate glass for superior performance at high temperatures.
  • Superior finish and dimensional control make these products ideal for a range of applications
  • As the term “general purpose” suggests, these capillary tubes are suited to many different applications
  • Easy to use with no assembly required
  • Perfect for melting point determinations
  • Only one hand is required when using these tubes (in both collection and closing)
  • Available in lengths of 75, 100 and 125mm
  • Available in inside diameter measurements of between 0.6mm and 1.5mm
  • Available in outside diameter measurements of between 1.0mm and 1.9mm
  • Available in pack quantities of between 500 and 2,000 tubes
General Purpose Capillaries
General Purpose Capillaries

View the table below to see the specific attributes of all of our capillary tubes:

Code Length mm (L) I.D. mm (d) O.D. mm Pack Quantity
GC0044 75 1.0 1.40 1000
GC0042 75 1.2 1.65 500
GC0049 100 1.1 1.55 1000
GC0043 100 1.2 1.65 500
GC0041 100 0.6 1.00 2000
GC0050 125 1.5 1.90 500

Buy General Purpose Capillary Tubes at International Scientific Supplies

The above is just a snapshot of the many tubes we sell. Contact us for details of our extended range, if you do not see the size you require. Click on any of the above links to view the specifics of each product.

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