Glass Narrow & Wide Neck Tubes (5-10ml)

Without Anticoagulant

A range of screw capped 5 & 10ml blood collection tubes, with the following special qualities:

  • Available in Gamma irradiated (at >25Kgy) or non-sterile versions.
  • Fitted with rigid screw caps for leak-free specimen collection.
  • Available in narrow (5ml) or wide (10ml) neck styles.
  • Available with or without labels.
  • Available in quantities of 1,000 (5ml) and 500 (10ml).
  • All these tubes are supplied without anticoagulant, click here for tubes with anticoagulant – where a variety of fills are available.
  • 10ml tubes are manufactured in a special process which prevents clot retraction problems.
  • CE marked in accordance with (EU) 2017/746 2017.
  • Leak tested to BS ISO 6710:2017 (Single-use containers for use with human venous blood specimen collection).
Without Anticoagulant Glass Narrow and Wide Neck Tubes (5-10ml)

Code Volume ml Description/Neck Style Label Gamma Irradiated Quantity
GBT016 5 Narrow 1000
GBT045 5 Narrow 1000
GBT047 5 Narrow 1000
GBT049 5 Narrow 1000
GBT021 10 Narrow 500
GBT046 10 Narrow 500
GBT048 10 Narrow 500
GBT050 10 Narrow 500
GBT036 10 Wide 500
GBT035 10 Wide 500
GBT033 10 Wide 500
GBT032 10 Wide 500

Buy These Tubes with Confidence from ISS

We hope you will agree that we have a fine selection of these narrow/wide 5ml to 10ml glass blood collection tubes. We appreciate it can be difficult to choose the right product sometimes, so contact us if you do not see the blood tube you require, and we will endeavour to make it for you.

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