Custom Kitting, Packaging and Labelling Service

I.S.S. can offer a custom kitting, packaging and labelling service that will meet your complete requirements. We are a UK based manufacturing company that is an expert in the supply of laboratory consumables. The main categories of products we cover include:

I.S.S. is proud of the fully automated cutting-edge technology and energy efficient machinery that it is operating during the various manufacturing stages of moulding, filling, capping, printing and labelling. We have clean room areas that are using HEPA filtered and laminar flow environments. Furthermore, we also have a warehouse storage facility that is temperature controlled.

I.S.S. understands the strains and challenges experienced by laboratories, we are aware of the importance of standard protocols being followed. We have worked in partnership with hundreds of laboratories – we offer more than just assembled kits, I.S.S. is here to help ensure that your laboratory result integrity is met.

Tailored Kitting Service

Our kitting service will be tailored to meet your specific needs. We will work in partnership with you to ensure that the kits are compliant with regulations, internal and external standards. We will manage and handle the complete kitting process – this will ultimately free your valuable time to focus on core laboratory work.

  1. We aim to offer a custom service solution that will cover all aspects from concept to execution. For example: custom kitting solutions that are scalable, complete production and delivery, compliance and quality assurance, warehousing and distribution.
  2. We aim to fully support your specific protocols that will cover complete custom branded packaging, printing, labelling and tracking. For example: custom designed instruction inserts, request forms, barcoded tube labels, shipping labels and return service labels.

There are many benefits of having the trustworthy sample collection kit service, this will help:

  • Specific protocol being standardized and adhered to for all collections
  • Decrease in the overall turnaround time
  • Minimise sample/specimen contamination rates
  • Reduce labour cost and overall total cost
  • Ensure patient, clinician and physician satisfaction
  • Simplify staff training and the general workflow
  • Reduce any potential untraceable lots
  • Decrease amount of false positives
  • Increase efficiency of ordering process and provide greater inventory management

We understand that the results obtained in the laboratory are essential to its reputation. This is usually built over a large period through consistent, accurate and reproducible results being generated and delivered.

I.S.S. is an industry trusted name in the manufacturing and development of custom kitting, packaging and labelling, serving to facilitate laboratory assay and specific protocol testing needs. We have worked alongside the following laboratories and industries: pathology labs, diagnostic labs, reference labs, pharmaceutical clinical trials, drugs of abuse testing, transplantation testing, commercial and clinical packaging.

I.S.S. has built a strong track record of success and we are confident that we can be your trusted partner for all your kitting requirements.

Customise Your Kit

I.S.S. will work alongside you to decide what belongs in your customized kit. We will help in determining what the most effective configuration will be for your sample collection kit. We will have a dedicate team looking after your process optimization, order processing, order fulfilment, supply chain management, forecasting and third-party logistics.

Some aspects that can be considered are:

(A).  What products are required
(B).  What mailing container is used
(C).  What logos and artwork are imprinted
(D).  What foam insert design is used
(E).  What instruction for use is included
(F).  What shipping and return labels are used

As a UK manufacturer with over 1 billion products a year that are shipped to over 170 countries and markets throughout the world, we hope I.S.S. can provide you with complete confidence and we invite you to contact us with your custom kitting and purchasing/ purchase order requirements. Customers wanting information in addition to the information already on this website should contact us directly.

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