Manufacturing Capabilities

I.S.S. is a proud UK based manufacturer that has established over many decades an expertise in the production and supply of laboratory consumables.

We are a specialist in the field of manufacturing conventional blood collection tubes and specimen containers. These products are complemented by a large selection of associated products which cover the areas of sample collection, liquid handling, storage, processing, mailing and disposing.

I.S.S. has worked alongside and helped many industries and laboratories that are leading the way in novel discoveries to better understand how the human body works and how we can combat various diseases. These include pathology laboratories, pharmaceutical clinical trials units, diagnostic and forensic testing, universities and cancer research institutes, transplantation and drugs of abuse testing, public health laboratories and NHS England.

Why choose I.S.S. has your trusted partner

  • We are an ISO90001:2015 registered organisation.
  • We continue to invest in new technology to offer the most energy efficient designing, moulding, filling, capping, labelling and printing machinery.
  • We use clean room assembly areas with HEPA filtered and laminar flow environment.
  • We have warehouse storage facilities that are temperature controlled.
  • Quality is paramount, this begins from sourcing quality raw materials with a complete inspection process, this is followed by stringent controlled audited manufacturing and testing procedure being adhered to.
  • We operate through CRM and MRP systems, this allows us instant access to customer enquiries, order processing and managing stock levels.
  • We have loyal customers throughout the UK and worldwide.
  • We have a dedicated UK and export service team.

With the increasing global demands for laboratory consumables, it is simply not good enough to have a supplier of quality products. This was highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic where widespread disruption to both manufacturing and distribution channels was experienced. This domestic breakdown of supply chains was a reality check and a wakeup call for an over reliance on laboratory consumables being produced and sourced from outside of the UK.

This has led to many laboratory research facilities, life science companies and distributors moving away from sourcing foreign goods and switching to more stable, sustainable, replicable laboratory consumables that are manufactured locally within the UK.

Let I.S.S. manufacturing capabilities help you

I.S.S. is the main UK based manufacturer of laboratory consumables, we regard ourselves as an expert in this field and have been in this industry for many decades. We are confident that we can beat any rival competitor in both quality and quantity. I.S.S. was formed over 20 years ago to manufacture high-quality products for the laboratory market sector and the company has grown, along with the increasing demand from the scientific community, for these consumables. I.S.S. has developed a fully operational high output manufacturing facility that is tailored to meet all your requirements.

If you are looking for a laboratory consumables supplier you can work with, who understands your requirements intimately and how to make things happen, then we would encourage you to look no further than I.S.S. Please get in touch with us and let us help you.

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