0.5ml-2.0ml Polystyrene with Push On Cap

These are push cap paediatric polypropylene tubes for collection of 0.5ml-2.0ml of blood. Tubes are moulded in crystal clear polystyrene.

Our push cap paediatric blood collection tubes are CE marked in accordance with (EU) 2017/746 2017 and tested to ISO 6710:2017, a single-use containers for human venous blood specimen collection. The lids are colour coded for standard compliance and ease of recognition.

Colour coded lids

  • White: Empty
  • Pink: Di Potassium EDTA
  • Orange: Lithium Heparin
  • Yellow: Floride/Oxalate
  • Mauve: Sodium Citrate 3.2% (9NC)

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